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Ark Commands
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Ark Commands/IDs

Explore Ark Commands and IDs.
Blueprint Path
GFI Code
Class / Command
GiveToMe GiveToMe
GMBuff GMBuff
GMSummon GMSummon
God God
HideTutorial HideTutorial
HurtMe HurtMe
InfiniteStats InfiniteStats
LeaveMeAlone LeaveMeAlone
OnToggleInGameMenu OnToggleInGameMenu
OpenMap OpenMap
Playercommand Playercommand
SetAdminIcon SetAdminIcon
SetFacialHairPercent SetFacialHairPercent
SetFacialHairStyle SetFacialHairStyle
SetHeadHairPercent SetHeadHairPercent
SetHeadHairStyle SetHeadHairStyle
SetGodMode SetGodMode
SetTargetPlayerBodyVal SetTargetPlayerBodyVal
SetTargetPlayerColorVal SetTargetPlayerColorVal
ShowInGameMenu ShowInGameMenu
ShowTutorial ShowTutorial
Suicide Suicide
ToggleInfiniteAmmo ToggleInfiniteAmmo
Walk Walk
ToggleGun ToggleGun
RefillStats RefillStats
GiveArmorSet GiveArmorSet
GiveWeaponSet GiveWeaponSet
GiveItemSet GiveItemSet
ClearMyBuffs ClearMyBuffs
DestroyAll DestroyAll
DestroyAllEnemies DestroyAllEnemies
DoTame DoTame
ForceTame ForceTame
ForceTameAOE ForceTameAOE
RainCritters RainCritters
RainDinos RainDinos
RainDanger RainDanger
SetBabyAge SetBabyAge
SetImprintQuality SetImprintQuality
SetImprintedPlayer SetImprintedPlayer
TransferImprints TransferImprints
SetTargetDinoColor SetTargetDinoColor
SpawnActor SpawnActor
SpawnActorSpread SpawnActorSpread
SpawnDino SpawnDino
Summon Summon
SummonTamed SummonTamed